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Weights are loaded based on the network's topology. This means the architecture should be the same as when the weights were saved. Note that layers that don't have weights are not taken into account in the topological ordering, so adding or removing layers is fine as long as they don't have weights.

Partial weight loading

If you have modified your model, for instance by adding a new layer (with weights) or by changing the shape of the weights of a layer, you can choose to ignore errors and continue loading by setting skip_mismatch=TRUE. In this case any layer with mismatching weights will be skipped. A warning will be displayed for each skipped layer.


load_model_weights(model, filepath, skip_mismatch = FALSE, ...)



A keras model.


String, path to the weights file to load. It can either be a .weights.h5 file or a legacy .h5 weights file.


Boolean, whether to skip loading of layers where there is a mismatch in the number of weights, or a mismatch in the shape of the weights.


For forward/backward compatability.


This is called primarily for side effects. model is returned, invisibly, to enable usage with the pipe.