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It can be applied to either the rows of a matrix (mode="rows") or its columns (mode="columns"). When applied to a Dense kernel of shape (input_dim, units), rows mode will seek to make the feature vectors (i.e. the basis of the output space) orthogonal to each other.


regularizer_orthogonal(factor = 0.01, mode = "rows")



Float. The regularization factor. The regularization penalty will be proportional to factor times the mean of the dot products between the L2-normalized rows (if mode="rows", or columns if mode="columns") of the inputs, excluding the product of each row/column with itself. Defaults to 0.01.


String, one of {"rows", "columns"}. Defaults to "rows". In rows mode, the regularization effect seeks to make the rows of the input orthogonal to each other. In columns mode, it seeks to make the columns of the input orthogonal to each other.


A Regularizer instance that can be passed to layer constructors or used as a standalone object.


regularizer <- regularizer_orthogonal(factor=0.01)
layer <- layer_dense(units=4, kernel_regularizer=regularizer)