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Print a summary of a Keras Model


# S3 method for class 'keras.src.models.model.Model'
summary(object, ...)

# S3 method for class 'keras.src.models.model.Model'
  line_length = getOption("width"),
  positions = NULL,
  expand_nested = FALSE,
  show_trainable = NA,
  layer_range = NULL,
  compact = TRUE

# S3 method for class 'keras.src.models.model.Model'
print(x, ...)


object, x

Keras model instance


for summary() and print(), passed on to format(). For format(), passed on to model$summary().


Total length of printed lines


Relative or absolute positions of log elements in each line. If not provided, defaults to c(0.33, 0.55, 0.67, 1.0).


Whether to expand the nested models. If not provided, defaults to FALSE.


Whether to show if a layer is trainable. If not provided, defaults to FALSE.


a list, tuple, or vector of 2 strings, which is the starting layer name and ending layer name (both inclusive) indicating the range of layers to be printed in summary. It also accepts regex patterns instead of exact name. In such case, start predicate will be the first element it matches to layer_range[[1]] and the end predicate will be the last element it matches to layer_range[[1]]. By default NULL which considers all layers of model.


Whether to remove white-space only lines from the model summary. (Default TRUE)


format() returns a length 1 character vector. print() returns the model object invisibly. summary() returns the output of format() invisibly after printing it.

Enabling color output in Knitr (RMarkdown, Quarto)

In order to enable color output in a quarto or rmarkdown document with an html output format (include revealjs presentations), then you will need to do the following in a setup chunk:

 ```{r setup, include = FALSE}
 options(cli.num_colors = 256)
 options(width = 75) # adjust as needed for format

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